Tuesday, 23 August 2011

MFS UIX Reports

In 11i MFS, all the pages were developed using JSP technology and even the reports were developed using JSP. But in R12, all the pages were developed using UIX.

We have a standard report 'Field Service Report' in 11i at update task level which is obsoleted in R12.

We have no documents related to this part of developing reports provided even by Oracle.

So, we have developed a report which uses UIX(for the layout part) and JavaScript(for the values)

Below is the sample output of the report which we developed.

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  1. Hi Satish,

    Thanks for posintg some info about R12 MFS.
    We're currently trying to do some customizations on R12.1.3 OMFS (Laptop) application at (Field Service Technician) Dashboard.
    User wants to have fields (Po Number, Serverity, Summary, Contact Type - these are actually at Service Request level)
    displayed at Task Header Level i.e., next to Debrief field on dashbaord page.
    I'd like to know whether it's possible to do this customization in R12.1.3 MFS Laptop application.