Friday, 9 September 2011

Aging Periods Setup In AP

Setup>Calendar>Aging Periods
Use the Aging Periods window to define time periods for the Invoice Aging Report. The Invoice Aging Report provides information about invoice payments due during four periods that you specify in the Aging Periods window.
  • In the Aging Periods window, enter the Name and Description of the type of aging periods you are defining. When you submit the Invoice Aging Report, this value will appear in Type parameter list of values if it is active. To activate the aging period, choose Active.
  • Enter each aging period:
Enter the range of days for the period. For example, to define a period that reports invoice payments due during the next 7 days, enter From –7 days To 0 days.
Enter the First and Second lines of the Column Heading as you want them to appear on your report. For example, 0-30 Days Overdue.
Enter the column order. The period with Column Order 1 will be the first column on the report, and so on. The Invoice Aging Report uses only the four lowest numbered periods. You can reorder periods at any time

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