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O2C Life Cycle in 11i


1 We will create the material in the Inventory.
Nav : Inventory, Vision Operations (USA) à Items à Master Items.
2) It will ask for which organizations u want to create this materials Here I am selecting V1 organization.
3) Created an item xx3k0062. and the main screen appears as below. And the user item type will be
Purchased item this is for Tools à copy from template.
4) This is for Inventory tab.
Select Inventory item, Stockable, Transactable, Reservable
5) This is for Bills tab.
6) This is for Asset Management tab.
8) For purchasing tab enable so and so things and give the list price as Rs.100.
9) For Receiving tab.
10) For Physical Attributes tab. OM Indivisible is marked so that we may order in fraction
and buy in fractions too.
11) General Planning tab.
12) MPS/MRP planning tab.
13) Lead Times tab.
14) Work in Process tab.
15) Order Management tab. These are the following we need to put enable.
16) This is for Invoicing tab.
17) This is for Service tab
18) This is for Web Options
19) Before doing Main screen that is the first tab we have to select the copy from
Menu bar Tools à Organization assignment
20) Then u has to select Template as Purchased Item. Click on Done
21) Now save the item. In order to assign this item to other organizations
Tools à Organization Assignment
22) I have assigned for M1, M2, M3 organizations too from V1 organization
23) In the Org Attributes tab we can set different amounts for different organizations in pricing tab.
Creation of an item is completed.
24) For adding the items in the inventory that is the availability of the items we have to add the
items in this and the navigation is in Inventory
Transactions à Receiving à Miscellaneous Transactions.
25) Give the details as follows and click Transaction Lines. and select Miscellaneous Receipt
26) You will get the below window.
27) Then give the item name and the quantity. Give the subinventory as Stores
28) and then the quantity as 1000 and then save the account already 10000 items have been
created and 1000 items will get added. And press save now the total quantity will become 11000
29) Now the items have increased to 11000 from 10000
30) If we want to transfer the items from one organization to another organization.
The navigation is as follows :
In Inventory Transactions à Inter-organization transfers
31) The screen appears as below
32) Click on Transaction Lines
33) then save now the materials have been moved to another organization ie from V1 to M1.
Just check whether the items have been transferred or not.
In Inventory On,hand Availability à On-hand Quantity
The screen appears as below and enter the following details
34) Now the screen appears as below for M1
So 1000 items have been available in M1 organization.
35) Now we have to define the selling price in Order Management. The price which we have
mentioned in Inventory is of cost price. Now we have to create the selling price in Order Management.
The navigation is
In Order Management Pricing à Price List SetUp
36) Now query the form and type Corporate and then press ctrl + F11.U will be getting this screen
37) Now add the item in the Corporate as below
38) Now the screen appears as below and we have to give the price value I have given as
Rs. 2000=00. then save it. Selling price has been set
39) Now we will create a Sales Order.
In Order Management
Orders, Returns à Sales orders
Click on the button
40) And the fill the details as below
. Enter Customer and Order Type. The other fields may default values. If “Ship To Location”,
“Bill To Location” and “Price List” are not defaulted, pick those values from “LOV”.
All the fields should default in Others tab. If Payment Terms or Warehouse is not defaulted,
choose values from LOV. Warehouse parameter stores the warehouse from which the order will be shipped
Enter “Ordered Item”, “Qty”, “UOM”.
Note: The item should already be setup in Inventory. Please refer to Item Setup for the item setup information. The item price should exist in the price list specified at the order header level. Please refer to Price List Setup section for price list setup.
Base Tables: Header Level : oe_order_headers_all
Colums: flow_status_code= “ENTERED” and booked_flag=”N”
Line Level : oe_order_lines_all
Columns : flow_status_code= “ENTERED” and open_flag=”Y”
41) Now go to Line Items tab and enter the details as follows
42) Now check the availability whether the items are available or not. Click on Availability
The items are available.
43) Now Book the order by clicking Book Order.
The screen appears as below. Click ok
Base Tables: Header Level : oe_order_headers_all
Colums: flow_status_code= “BOOKED” and booked_flag=”Y”
Line Level : oe_order_lines_all
Columns : flow_status_code= “WAITING SHIPING” and booked_flag=”Y”
Shipping: wsh_delivary_details
Columns released_status=”R” ‘Ready To Release’
44) Sales Order has been booked and the order no. is 56838
45) Now we have Launch Pick Release. In order management
Shipping à Transactions and click on it
46) Give the from Order Number. Now click on find
47) Now goto Actions and select Launch Pick Release and then click Go
Tables: wsh_delivary_details
oe_order_lines_all flow_status_code= “PICKED
48) The screen appears below. Click ok.
After pressing OK then the concurrent program called ‘Pick Slip Report’
will be run and it will show the complete details. The output is below
And then another program called ‘Shipping Exceptions Report’ will be runned.
49) Go back to Sales order screen and then give the Sales Order number
and query it and give the s.o number and the number is 56838
50) Go to line items and check the status and the status will be picked.
51) Then goto Shipping à Transactions and give order numbers
U will be getting the above screen after giving the S.O number.
52) Now goto Delivery tab below and Actions as Ship Confirm
And press Go the screen will be shown below
Tick the Create Bill of Lading and click ok
U will get Delivery was successfully completed. Click ok.
Tables: wsh_delivary_details
oe_order_lines_all flow_status_code= “SHIPPED
53) After clicking ok then go to view à Requests
And click find
54) u will be getting the below window. So the programs like ‘Shipping
Exceptions Report’, ‘Bill of Lading’, ‘Packing Slip Report’, ‘Commercial Invoice’,
‘Vehicle Load Sheet Details’ , ‘Interface Trip Stop’ will be running
55) The View Output for Vehicle Load Sheet Details will be as below
56) Now go back to Sales Order window then query and give the sales
order number then in the line items tab u will be getting status as Shipped
57) Now go to View à Requests
58) and click Submit a new request
59) click on Single Request
60) Please give the details as below then click ok
61) Click on Submit button
62) Then click on find
63) So the programs like ‘Workflow Background Process’, ‘ADS,
(Autoinvoice Master Program)’, ‘ADS, (Autoinvoice Master Program)’,
‘Autoinvoice Import Program’ will be runned successfully.
Tables: wsh_delivary_details
64) The output for Autovoice import program is below
Upto now order management module was completed
65) Now goto Account Receivables Manager Responsibility and the invoice
for the shipped quantity will be automatically generated in Receivables.
Nav : Transactions à Transactions.
Go to query mode and type Sales Order no. in Reference field and press ctrl + F11
So the invoice no. 10020802 is generated. And the Balance Due is shown in the diagram.
66) Now we will be getting Receipts from the customer.
And the receipts will be entered in the below navigation.
Nav : Receipts à Receipts. Click on it
67) Now give payment method as follows. And then in Identify by field pls.
give the invoice no. then the customer details will be generated and then
give receipt no. and receipt amount. The diagram is shown below and then click on Apply
68)If u click apply the below screen appears
69) and now save it. The below screen appears
70) after closing, this form appears. The Receipt No., is 7656755
TABLES: ar_cash_receipts_all
71) then click on receipt history.
U will be getting below screen and the status is confirmed
72) Now after receipts have been entered then we have to remit that into bank.
So the navigation is
Nav : Receipts à Remittances. You will be getting the below screen
73) give the bank name as Bank of America and the details are below. And then Auto create
74) After clicking Auto Create the below screen appears
75) Then give the Receipt Numbers as below and enable the create button and then press ok
76) It will ask for automatic creation. Press yes
77) you will be getting the below screen.click on ok
78)You will be getting below screen and the batch number is 1077
79) If you check at Views à Requests à Find. U will be getting below screen.
‘Automatic Remittances Creation Program’ this program will execute after creating
80) again goto Receipts à Remittances query it and give batch number and
press ctrl + F11. U will be getting below screen
81) Now click on approve then u will be getting below window
Click Yes. Concurrent Request will run.
View à Request à Find
‘Automatic Remittances Creation Program’ this program will be running and
after executing and the screen appears below
And the output is below for the above report
82) close the window and again open the remittances window and query it and
give batch no. 1077 and then press ctrl+F11
And click on Format. Again 1 request will be submitted. Press yes
Goto view à Requests à find
U will be getting the below screen
The o/p for above highlited ‘Automatic Remittances Creation Program’ is below
83) Now goto Receipts window and query it and give Receipt no.
and then press ctrl + F11. Then u will be getting below window
84) Now click on receipt History then u wil be getting the below screen and
shows Confirmed and Remitted
85) Now we have to do the reconciliation in Cash Management and the navigation is
Cash Management à Bank Statements à Bank Statement and Reconciliation
86) u will get below window
87) click new the window appears below
88) The below screen appears
89) and click on lines u will be getting below window
90) and give the details as follows. Type : Receipt., number = Receipt no.,
Amount= Receipt amount
91) Click on Available U will get below window
And click of find the below screen appears it will take to AR module click on reconcile
92) Tick it and then press Reconcile button and the screen is below
93) Enter Yes. The below window appears
Goto Cash management > Bank Statements > Manual Clearing > Clear Transactions
Give the necessary details about the account
And Press “Find”....
Query our Transaction for which the Receipt's Status Should be Cleared
nd Press “Clear Transaction”.
Then Goto Receipt and Query the Receipt ….Then the Status Changes to Cleared.
94) Now goto Receivables Manager à Receipts à Receipts
95) Query it and then give the receipt no. and then press ctrl+F11 then the status will be cleared
96) Click on Receipt History and then u will find below screen the amount has been cleared
97) After reconciliation the concurrent program will be running
‘Automatic Remittances Creation Program’ and the output is
98) Now we have to move the data to General Ledger.
Nav : Receivables Manager à Interfaces à General Ledger the below screen appears.
Click ok
99) U will be getting below screen
100) u wil be getting below screen
101)fil the details as below and then press ok
102) then submit
103) View à Requests à find u will be getting the below screen
104) The 4 concurrent programs will be running.
‘General Ledger Transfer Program’ and the o/p will be
Then ‘Revenue Recognition’ and o/p will be
Then ‘Journal import’ the o/p will be
And ‘Update Posting Control’ no data is available for this report.
104) Then goto General Ledger and we have to post.
Nav : General Ledger Super User à Journals à Post
105) Then the below screen appears. Give period as Aug 07 and Batch as I am not sure

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