Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Discoverer Reports

• Limitations of oracle tools like
reports,sql*plus,Isql,Ora Graphic
– Can’t change parameters
– Can’t change view
– Matrix rep is complex
– Do not support direct feature of oracle security

• Discoverer is tool using that we can overcome
these limitations.

• It is ad-hoc query tool.

• Reporting and analysis and web-publishing tool

• A business professional can use this tool vary

• Oracle application security based on responsibility
Discoverer lets the business professional find the
data he/she needs,analyze it easily, and get
answers to support business decisions.

• Oracle Discoverer is the tool that enables business
users to make this transformation and gain
strategic insight into their business and operations
via a familiar and intuitive tool,the web browser

Discoverer components
Discoverer components operate in both
client/server and web browser environment
– Discoverer Plus
– Discoverer 4i Plus
– Discoverer 4i Viewer
– The Discoverer administration Edition
Discoverer plus is designed for business
professionals who do not have computer
programming or database background and is an
easy-to-use read-only data access tool.

• Discoverer 4i plus is the internet version of the
award-winning windows product.

• Discoverer 4i Viewer is designed for viewing
workbooks created by users of the windows

• The Discoverer Administration edition is used to
hide the complexity of the underlying data
structure from the business user

End User Layer (EUL)
Its design determines how users access and
view data.This is where administrators
define the business areas used by
Discoverer Plus

• It insulates end users from database
complexity and constant change.

Data PageThe data page enables you to:
– Create Calculated items.
– Create Complex Folders
– Create Joins
– Create Conditions
– Create New business Areas,Folders & items
and modify object properties

Business Area

• The business area icon (a filling cabinet)
represents the logical grouping of related
objects within the database that users need
to issue queries.

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