Friday, 9 September 2011

Distribution Sets Setup In Ap

Setup>Invoice>Distribution Sets
Distribution Set is a set of predefined distributions used to assign to a supplier site or invoice to build the distributions automatically, thus saving the data entry time and also minimizing the data entry mistakes.
Fig 1.2.1 Distribution Set
Types of Distribution Sets
Skeleton: Where amounts are not mentioned against each account (Account Code Combination), but all the accounts that are required for an invoice are defined here. The % amounts are marked as 0%. On assigning the same to the supplier or invoice, system builds the distributions with zero amounts and with the account codes as defined in the distribution set. The distributions built can be modified while invoice entry.
Full: Both the amounts and percentages are mentioned in the Distribution Set. System builds the distributions automatically using these %, which can be modified and the total of invoice distributions will be equal to invoice amount.
E.g. Franking Machine Expenses.
If an invoice is entered for OMR 5000 and the above distribution set is attached, system builds the following distribution:
Line 1 01.551.6546.0000.00000.00000 OMR 5000
Define Distribution Set
The Name of the Distribution set should be representative of the expense or the purpose for which it is defined.
Enter the % either zero’s or absolute % and the respective accounts.
Once the distribution set is saved, system automatically puts ‘Skeleton’ or ‘Full’ in the Distribution set type field.

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