Friday, 9 September 2011

Invoice Approvals Setup In AP

Use the Invoice Approvals window to define the codes that you use to manually hold or release invoices. In addition to the seeded holds, you can define hold codes that you assign to an invoice during entry to place the invoice on hold. For example, "GH IT approval required"
Name: A unique approval code name. The name and description will appear on a list of values when you need to enter the hold or release code.
Description: Description of the hold or release code. Use this description to elaborate on your hold or release code to eliminate any confusion over similar names.
Type: The type of an approval code determines if a hold is applied or released. You can enter a Hold type or a Release type.
Accounting Allowed: If this option is enabled, Payables creates accounting entries for invoices with this hold code. You can control this option only for holds of the type Invoice Hold Reason.
Manual Release Allowed: If you can release this hold manually.
Inactive On: Date on and after which you want to prevent use of a hold or release code. On or after this date, Payables will not include this code on a list of values, and you will not be allowed to enter it. You can adjust an inactive date at any time

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