Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Creating a Payment batch in 11i Payments

The following processes will be performed when you create a paymentbatch

1. Select invoices
When a payment batch is started one row for each record is inserted in the AP_INV_SELECTION_CRITERIA_ALL table.This table stores the criteria that a payment batch uses to select invoices forpayments.The module name for the AutoSelect process is APXPBSEL. The Select Invoices, orthe AutoSelect, is the first step in payment batch process. The AutoSelect starts byloading records that meet the invoice selection criteria into the tableAP_SELECTED_INVOICES_ALL from the tables AP_INVOICES_ALL andAP_PAYMENT_SCHEDULES_ALL. The criteria that AutoSelect uses to determine whichrecord to select from AP_INVOICES_ALL and AP_PAYMENT_SCHEDULES_ALL is storedin AP_INV_SELECTION_CRITERIA_ALLTo be sure that no duplicate invoices get selected, invoices that are alreadyselected in the other payment batch are not selected. Invoice payments that haveno remaining payment amounts are not selected either.

2. Build Payments
The module name for the Build Payment Program is APXPBBLD. From the listcreated by AutoSelect, the Build Payment Program determines which invoices willbe paid on each payment document, and lists this information on the PreliminaryPayment Register if selected. The build payment program is spawned whenAutoSelect has completed. When the Build Program starts, the application usesinformation from the table AP_SELECTED_INVOICES_ALL to create rows in the tableAP_SELECTED_INVOICE_CHECKS_ALL. In addition to creating rows in theAP_SELECTED_INVOICE_CHECKS_ALL, the build payments program also performsthe following tasks
•Assigns document numbers for payments
•Assigns check ids
•Renumbers the remaining documents starting from thefirst_available_document
•Updates the payment batch status to BUILT
•Resets the proposed_amount to the payment_amount
3. Modify
Modify allows you to change what was done in the AutoSelect and Build processes.You can modify the payment amount of an invoice, prevent payment to a supplier,and prevent payment of a particular invoice, or add an invoice that was originallyselected. If you add invoices to payment batch, It will automatically be rebuilt.

4. Format
The module name for the format process is usually either APXPBFEG or APXPBFOR.Many customers create their own Format program. The Format program creates theoutput file that is used to print checks. This process inserts the payment recordfromAP_SELECTED_INVOICE_CHECKS_ALL into AP_CHECKS_ALL.

5. Confirm
Confirm is the final step in processing a payment batch and should be done prior tosending out the checks. Invoices are not considered paid, even if checks areprinted, untilconfirm has been done. If you have any unconfirmed payment batches, you cannotclosea period or use the same payment document for any other payments until youconfirm thepayment batch.6.
Canceling Payment Batches and Voiding Payments
When you cancel a Payment Batch, the Payment Batch’s payment documentbecomesavailable for another payment batch. You cannot cancel a Payment Batch if it hasbeenconfirmed. Once the payment batch is confirmed, you would have to void individualpayments, taking the desired action on the invoice. Voiding payments will updatetheinvoice(s) to a status of unpaid.

Major Tables Involved In Payment Batch Process

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